Products Overview:

Zeolite is the most promising substitute for sodium tripolyphosphate, a substance present in detergents considered to be one of the biggest environmental threats. Zeolites are a good alternative because they:

  • Enable the production of high-performance detergents at a low cost;
  • Elevate the cations exchange capacity;
  • Are excellent structural agents for detergents;
  • Remove ions from heavy metals, iron, copper, and manganese, enabling tissue whitening and potentiating the bleaching process;
  • Are capable of liquid absorption, promoting anti-binding action in powder detergents;
  • Are safe for the environment and for humans;
  • Are Phosphor-free.


Zeolite 4A is used mainly in the detergent industry. It is different from natural zeolites, which cannot be used in detergents. This is because natural zeolites have a low capacity for ionic exchange, an elevated apparent density and particle sizes that leave a deposition of particles in clothes.

Technical Data Sheet

Characteristics Sample Value Acceptable Range Reference Method
Form Fine Powder
Color White
Weight Decrease at 800  (LOI) 18-22 % QTM 116
Bulk Density Max 0.5 gr/cm3
PH 5 % 10.5-12 QTM 041
SiO2 31-35 % QTM 111
Na2O 17-19 % QTM 112
CBC (Calcium Binding Capacity) Min 155 mg CaO/g QTM 108
Free Alkalinity (as Na2O) Max 3.5 % QTM 112
Al2O3 26-29 % QTM 110
Average Particle Size 2.5-5 Micron QIN 119
Crystallographic Min 95 QIN 127
Whiteness Min 94 % QIN 132

Available Packaging:

Option 1 Jumbo (By Land)

24-25 X

= 23 MT (Truck)

Option 2 Jumbo (By Sea)

20 X

= 16 MT (20 ft CTR)