Coco Amido
Propyl Betaine




Products Overview:

Coco Amido Propyl Betaine is a synthetic detergent and surfactant that is used in personal care products, cosmetics and cleaning products. It is used to reduce static, condition the skin & hair, increase the foaming action of certain cleansing and cleaning products, and moderate the viscosity of liquids.


This substance is used to:

  • Create rich, thick lather in foaming products
  • Soften hair and reduce static in conditioners
  • Thicken countless personal care products and cleaners

Technical Data Sheet

CompositionSpecificationUnitTest Method
FormTransparent Liquid 
Color at 30°C GardnerMax 2.5GardnerQIN 030
Active Amphoteric Matter29-31%QTM 079
NaClMax 6%QTM 052
Dry Matter at 105°CMax 39%QIN 011
Direct PH4.5-6QTM 041
SMCAMax 5ppmQTM 033
Amido Amine FreeMax 0.5%QTM 055
ColorColorless/ Pale Yellow
Microbial TestMax 100(cFu/g)QTM202
SDCAMax 10ppmQTM 033
ArsenicMax 2ppmQTM 133
Heavy MetalsMax 20ppmQTM 124
Aerobic Mesophilic BacteriaMax 100CFU/ml or gr
Pathogenic Bacteria/Yeast & MoldsNegativeCFU/ml or gr-
Formaldehude (37%)0.05±0.01%QTM 075
Oxidant (as H2O2)Max 10ppmQTM 285
Reducer (as SO2)Max 10ppmQTM 285

Available Packaging:

Option 1 Jumbo (By Land)

110 X

= 24.2 MT (Truck)

Option 2 Jumbo (By Sea)

4 X


> 20 X

= 17.6 MT (20 ft CTR)