Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate




Products Overview:

SLES or TEXAPON N70 is a highly concentrated sodium lauryl ether sulphate derived from natural fatty alcohols. Due to its high content of washing active substance, it is particularly suited for highly Concentrated end products, or if raw materials with a lower water content are required. When diluted with water, TEXAPON N70 or SLES 70% shows gel structures which are typical of ether sulphates. After the addition of water, the viscosity first increases rather rapidly, and after a reduction of the active Substance to a level below 30 %, it decreases considerably. Liquid, stable solutions are obtained up to 28 % of the active substance. At higher concentrations the product becomes pasty.


Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES N70) is used as a raw material of high active detergents, washing cream, dishwash, laundry, shampoos, bath, shower lotion, dry-cleaning detergent products and hand soap, baby products. Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES N70) also used as scouring, leveling, coupling and foaming agent for textile, leather, petrochemicals and dyeing applications.

Technical Data Sheet

Composition Specification Unit Test Method
Form Paste
Color Light Yellow/Colorless
Anionic Active Matter 68-72 % QTM 003
Free Oil Max 2.5 % QTM 051
NaCl Max 0.5 % QTM 052
Free Sulphate (Na2SO4) Max 1.5 % QTM 282
PH 5% 7.5-9 QTM 041
Fe Max 20 ppm QTM 134
Free Formaldehyde Max 250 ppm QTM 075
Oxidant 0 ppm QTM 285
Color (Solution 10 %) Max 30 Hazen QIN 030
Molecular Weight 384 gr/mol
Dioxan Max 50 ppm QTM 085
Viscosity bowstvick (as Cm) 23±3 C

Available Packaging:

Option 1 (By Land)

110 X

= 24.2 MT (Truck)

Option 2 (By Sea)

4 X


> 20 X

= 17.6 MT (20 ft CTR)